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I write software for food and enjoyment.

I post here about #RustLang, #Python, #Programming, #GStreamer, #OpenSource, #Technology, #FOSS, #MechanicalKeyboards, #Dogs, #WebDev, #eBikes. But also all and everything I find interesting enough to share! Born and raised in Brazil and now immigrant in the Netherlands.

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Rafael Caricio . @rafaelcaricio,

Okay, I think I got it. If I want to eat something with vegetables in the USA I need to explicitly ask for it. :blobcatthinkingsmirk: So weird to eat a burrito without vegetables. ☹️

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Rafael Caricio . @rafaelcaricio,

Every time I come to the USA, I take a few days to adjust for ordering much less than I do anywhere in Europe. Food portions here are absurdly huge.

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